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Fragrance Coloured Lenses

Changing one's eye colour is nothing new. For decades movie stars, celebrities & the fashion industry have been using coloured lenses. However, the twenty first century has seen a craze for coloured contact lenses, all around the world. Whether it is non-prescription lenses or any other types of fashion coloured lenses. How does a fashion accessory really takes off is hard to tell, but when it comes to coloured contacts, it might be to do with several high profile movies from the last decade to date. The most recent movie star with coloured lenses is Colin Morgan (the title character in the BBC TV series Merlin), who plays the role of a sorcerer.  We can’t forget Twilight, where most of the vampire characters wear color contact lenses; especially Robert Pattinson who plays the lead male character of Edward Cullen. Other popular celebrities include Orlando Bloom (stars in Lord of the Rings), Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears & many more.  Therefore, why not you!  Here at Ego Fragrance, we have more than seventy different designs and colours of fashion lenses, which are available in one month to three months.

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