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FAQ's on Perfume and Preserved Flowers

Fragrances are set at five different levels based on the concentration of the aromatic extract also know as the fragrance oil.

Frequently asked questions on perfume

1. What is Parfum = Perfume?

2. What is Eau de Parfum = EDP?

3. What is Eau de Toilette = EDT?

4. What is Eau de Cologne = EDC?

5. What is Eau Fraiche = EF?

Followed by the above five are perfumed body lotion and shower gel.


1. PARFUM/PERFUME, is number one in the fragrance hierarchy. Parfum has between 20 to 40% perfume oil making it the most concentrated type of aromatic extract.  It is also the purest form of aroma, most expensive and long lasting - approximately 4 to 8 hours.


2. EAU DE PARFUM (EDP), is second in the perfume hierarchy. Eau de parfum can have anything between 20 to 30% of perfume oil.  Eau de parfum is not quite as costly as Parfum, but having such a high concentration of aromatic extract, it can be fairly expensive. EDP can last approximately 4 to 6 hours.


3. EAU DE TOILETTE (EDT), is in the middle of the triangle and not as over powering as the two above it in the hierarchy of perfume. EDT has a subtle level of up to 20% of aromatic extract. Due to this moderate level of fragrance concentrate, EDT is one of the most widely used type of scent, because it is easy on the purse as well as the depth of the fragrance.


4. EAU DE COLOGNE (EDC), is fourth in the hierarchy of fragrances, with only up to 3% of aromatic extract. A very light scent, but can last up to 4 hours.


5. EAU FRAICHE (EF), is usually made with just a hint of fragrance oil. Eau Fraiche, being extremely light is fairly popular during summer month and does not contain alcohol.


Fragrance Notes

What are fragrance/perfume notes?

There are three levels of notes in perfumes.

1. Top note

2. Middle note

3. Base note


1. What is top note? - As per its description "TOP", is what you smell as soon as spraying a particular perfume. It gives an instant sharp scent and disappears very quickly. It is not long lasting.

2. What is middle note? - This is the second level or layer in the perfume that you smell, also known as the heart. This middle note complements the top notes making it melodious, desirable and reveals the characters of a perfume.

3. What is base note? - The base note develops last and it is this scent that stays with you as long as the perfume last. Therefore, it is important to wait for this base note to develop when choosing a perfume. It is the base note, which exposes the true characteristics of a fragrance and based on this, you'll know whether a particular scent is suitable for you or not.


Frequently asked questions on preserved flowers

1. What is preserved rose or flower?

2. What is freeze dried rose or flower?

3. How to care for preserved or freeze dried flowers?

4. What are the main differences between preserved & Freeze Dried?


1. What is preserved rose or flower?

Preserved rose or flowers go through a special treatment to maintain the soft natural look and feel of these real flowers. As a natural product, preserved flowers are bio-degradable. The preservation keeps the silky look, natural softness and also makes it stronger therefore it does not break into pieces. Some preserved flowers are coloured to achieve certain deep strong colours and therefore it can stain.


2. What is freeze dried rose or flower?

Freeze dried roses or flowers go through a natural technique of removing the moisture from real flowers. Which means nothing is taken from the flower and nothing is added. The natural colours are maintained, but the flowers are a bit brital.


3. How to care for preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers need virtually no caring. You do not need to water or feed them.  However, you do need to keep them away from direct sunlight & moisture in a dry place. From time to time carefully dust them if exposed outside. If they are in a box or display glass then you do not need to dust them.


4. Question: Freeze-dried  v.  Preserved

What are the main differences between preserved & Freeze Dried? 

Common in both

v      Both process makes the roses long lasting

v      Natural soft feel stays in both processes

v      Both can be used for confetti

v      Both can be used for table and cake decoration

v      Biodegradable from both process as it is natural product

v      Both are colour-fast


v      Freeze dried flowers are fragile  -  Preserved flowers are stronger

v      Freeze dried do not stain  -  Preservation does.

v      Freeze dried flowers are lighter  -  Preserved flowers are heavier.

What not to do?

v      Do not store in direct sun light

v      Do not put water

v      Do not store in fridge or freezer