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Fragrance Reed Diffusers


White Bouquet Reed Diffuser  White Bouquet Home Scent


White Bouquet Home Scent from Stoneglow. This reed diffuser comes with 100ml aroma oil, contained
in a clear round bottle, and  packaged in white orchid design box. There are 12 reed sticks to
diffuse the oil for your home scent - (100ml white bouquet reed diffusers - lasts 8 weeks)




White Jasmine Reed DiffuserWhite Jasmine Home Scent

White Jasmine Home Scent, from Stoneglow is presented in a 100ml clear bottle, which is beautifully
packed in a white orchid designer box. This reed diffuser comes complete with fragrance oil and
12 reeds to scent your home. - (100ml white jasmine reed diffusers- lasts up to 8 weeks)




White Tea & Wisteria Reed Diffuser  White Tea & Wisteria Home Scent

 White Tea & Wisteria home scent from Stoneglow. This reed diffuser  has a clean gentle scent; a perfect
home aroma. The fragrance oil, together with a round clear bottle & 12 reed diffusers are neartly
packaged in a tall white orchid design box. (100ml wisteria reed diffusers - lasts up to 8 weeks)




White Linen Reed DiffuserWhite Linen Home Scent

  White Linen Home Scent made by Stoneglow, at best price. This luxurious Reed Diffuser
reminiscent the fresh smell of a clean linen. White linen is tastefully presented in a white
orchid design box, & comes complete with diffuser oil, clear glass bottle & 12 reeds.
Reed Diffuser refills available here - (100ml fragrance diffuser - lasts 8 weeks)



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